Greyhound Adoption Application

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. The purpose of this application is to determine if you and a greyhound will be compatible. Since there are no right or wrong answers, we ask that you respond to each question as sincerely as possible. The prospective owner must consider the financial, physical, and psychological needs of this long-term relationship and be prepared to honor the commitment.

Not everyone should own a greyhound, as the needs of this breed are somewhat different from those of other breeds. They're a puppy in a grownup body and they need your guidance in order to "blossom" and adjust. They're a breed of dog that, once acclimated to life in a home, will prove to be loyal and delightful companions.

There are very few if any questions you will not need to fill out on the application, so please fill it out completely. If you miss a question, your application will not submit to us, so please review your application before sending.


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