Greyhound Hauls

Kansas Greyhound Bus

Meeting the Greyhound Bus from Kansas

Kansas Haul
A full load is 40plus dogs, cross-country from Kansas to New Jersey


Roger and helper

Busdriver/owner, Roger and his helper 

WV Pick-up

Meeting Robert  in West Virginia 

Van Trip Home

The van ride home 

Meeting some new dogs
Ray, Belinda and Jordon bring some new dogs (WV)


A Four-Hole Hauler

A small four-hole hauler 

Helena rests on Matt
Helena takes a snooze on Fuzz Face Matt on the way home from WV

First stop: Pet Wash

First stop is the Pet wash once back in Altoona 

After the Bath
All clean.  After the bath and ready for a new foster home

Picture of Greyhound